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The My Statistics page contains all information about your Cashfiesta activities for the current and past periods. You can check out your detailed payment statistics, referrals, and individual payrate. For quick help on items of interest, click on the yellow hyperlinks. If you need further information, read the related FAQ, or email us at .

  1. Here you can see all your earnings for previous months. Last month is not included.
  2. Here are the points earned during the current month. They are converted to cash by the middle of the next month.
  3. Here are the points earned during the last month, including the bonus and gold club points. They are converted to cash by the middle of the current month when we calculate your individual payrate.
  4. Points from Special Offers have a guaranteed payrate of $1 per 1000 points.
  5. Click on the yellow hyperlinks for more information.
  6. Here you can see how many referrals you have at each level.
  7. Here you can see how your individual payrate changes depending on the number of Special Offers you sign up for, and the payment method you choose.

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