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General Questions Linking and Promotion Payments

Q: What's Cashfiesta.com about? [top]

A: Cashfiesta.com is a permission-based marketing company that gives members the opportunity to make money by viewing ads, signing up for Special Offers, and referring friends. To check out our consumer site, click here.

Q: What's the Cashfiesta.com Affiliate Program about? [top]

A: Through our Affiliate Program we want to reward Publishers for referring members to our consumer site. We offer two Affiliate Program types: Per Active Member and Revenue Share. You can choose to participate in one of them only.

Q: Is the Affiliate Program the only opportunity for Publishers? [top]

A: At the moment the Affiliate Program is the only opportunity we offer Publishers. However, we plan to offer other opportunities in the future.

Q: Is the Affiliate Program available worldwide? [top]

A: Yes, Publishers from all countries can join our Affiliate Program.

Q: How old do I have to be to join the Affiliate Program? [top]

A: You have to be over the age of eighteen (18) years.

Q: How can I cancel my Publisher account? [top]

A: To cancel your Publisher account, send us an email to with "Cancel" in the subject line.

Q: Are there any restrictions? [top]

A: All requirements for participation in our Affiliate Program are listed in the Publisher Agreement.

Q: Can I change the Affiliate Program Type I have chosen initially? [top]

A: Yes, you can. NOTE: If you change your Affiliate Program Type, you'll keep your "Account Balance" and "Referred Members", but you will not be able to earn commission from "Referred Members" who have already generated commission for you, no matter what type of commission.

Q: How can I put a Cashfiesta.com Affiliate code on my site? [top]

A: To put our Affiliate code on your site, log in to your Publisher Account, go to the Get Links page, choose a banner or text link, and simply cut and paste the HTML code to your site.

Q: Can I change the Affiliate code? [top]

A: No, any changes to the Affiliate code without our consent may result in inaccurate tracking, loss of revenue for you, and in cancellation of your Publisher Account.

Q: Can I place the Cashfiesta.com affiliate links in newsletters and emails? [top]

A: Yes, you can, as long as you comply with our Anti-Spam Policy.

Q: How much can I earn from the Cashfiesta.com Affiliate Program? [top]

A: Depending on the Affiliate Program type you choose, you will receive:
  1. "Per Active Member": $1 (one US Dollar) for each active member you refer to our consumer site. "Active member" is a member who does at least one valid registration for a Special Offer. Thus, you get $1 when somebody signs up for Cashfiesta.com through your Affiliate link and does at least one valid Special Offer registration. There are many free Special Offers, so your referrals can earn you cash without spending a penny.
  2. "Revenue Share": 50% of all Special Offer points earned from all your referrals. "Special Offer points" are points received from members of our consumer site for valid Special Offer registrations. 1,000 Special Offer points equal $1.

Q: How and when will I get paid? [top]

A: After your account balance reaches $50.00, you'll be able to request a check from the Stats page. We'll mail you the check within 30 days after the end of the month of your request.

Q: How can I monitor my affiliate earnings? [top]

A: You can check out your affiliate earnings for the current period and for previous periods on the Stats page after logging in to your Publisher Account.

Q: How often are accounts updated? [top]

A: As we need to receive reports from our partners for the Special Offers done from your referrals, it may take up to 30 days to update accounts.

Q: Will I get paid for indirect referrals? [top]

A: No, we only pay you for members to our consumer site referred directly by you.


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